Galbreath Hoist Equipment

Since 1971, Galbreath® has built a reputation designing and manufacturing the waste industry’s most innovative products. To this day, Galbreath remains one of the most respected hoist manufacturers in the industry. Galbreath’s rugged equipment is built to outlast and outperform the competition.

EMP’s Exclusive Partnerships Provide Premium Galbreath Roll Off Hook Hoists & Cable Hoists

Providing superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Galbreath is recognized as the premier hoist manufacturer in the waste industry. Galbreath’s impressive collection of premium cable hoists, hook hoists, and trailer hoists boast some of the industry’s most coveted technological advancements.

Rugged Galbreath Product Options

Galbreath is celebrated for its advanced knowledge of premium and reliable hoist products. For over 50 years, Galbreath has built and sustained a legacy of excellence, delivering a cache of groundbreaking products for various industrial applications. EMP offers the following Galbreath industrial products:

  • Single axle cable hoists
  • Single pivot hook hoists
  • Inside/outside rail hoists (IO series)
  • Outside rail hoist (OR series)
  • Above frame hoist (AF series)
  • Bail hook hoist

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