self dumping hopper

Self-dumping hoppers are a necessity for waste and material management in any industry. Hoppers simplify the collection and disposal of industrial scrap.

Benefits of Adding a Waste Hopper

From restaurants to commercial homes to construction sites, there are benefits to having a material hopper readily available. Selecting the appropriate hopper size will:

  • Make garbage management more efficient
  • Improve cleanliness and organization
  • Minimize workplace injury

What are Your Hopper Needs?

When contemplating the addition of a scrap hopper to your business, it’s essential to consider what challenges your business faces when it comes to waste. Some things to think about when looking for a self-dumping hopper include the following:

  • Type of waste being disposed of
  • Load capacity
  • Style modifications

Type of Scrap

Hoppers utilized for waste management should include reinforced seams to protect against spills and ensure a cleaner working environment. The necessary steel specifications are also determined by debris material type.

Hopper Capacity

Decide whether your hopper should be light, medium, or heavy-duty, considering the weight of the collected materials. Using a light-duty hopper for cardboard makes recycling more manageable, whereas incorporating a heavy-duty waste container streamlines industrial scrap transportation.


Modifications to self-dumping hoppers can be suited to specific industries. Hoppers with open-end design offer a simple loading and unloading solution, while a low-profile bin option is available to contain materials with a more straightforward loading solution. The self-dumping feature minimizes workplace injuries.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Self-Dumping Hoppers

Want to find the appropriate hopper solution based on your material management needs? EMP offers effective self-dumping hopper solutions for your business. We partner with the industry’s most recognized and dependable waste hopper manufacturers, including Wastequip and more.

EMP provides the resources you need to make an informed decision about whether your project requires an open-end, lightweight, or heavy-duty material hopper. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist.