Wastequip is a leading provider in waste management solutions and offers a range of refuse containers tailored to meet diverse waste management needs. This article provides an overview of the most common types of waste containers Wastequip offers.

Types of Containers

Roll-off Containers

These are large containers designed to be transported by specialized trucks equipped with a hoist and cable system. Roll-off containers are commonly used in construction and demolition projects for collecting and transporting large volumes of waste.

Front Load Containers

These containers are typically used for commercial and industrial waste collection. They are designed to be emptied by specialized front-loading trucks.

Rear Load Containers

Ideal for smaller businesses and residential waste collection, these containers are emptied from the back of waste collection trucks.

Compactor Containers

Compactor containers are designed to compress waste materials, allowing for more efficient storage and transportation. They are widely used in settings with high waste generation, such as retail establishments and large institutions.

Recycling Containers

Wastequip likely offers containers specifically designed for recycling purposes, helping organizations and communities separate and manage recyclable materials effectively.


It’s important to consider factors such as size, capacity, and durability when choosing waste containers. Additionally, waste containers may be available in various materials, including steel and plastic, each with its own advantages and considerations.

For the latest and most accurate information about Wastequip’s waste containers, we recommend checking their official website or contacting their customer service directly.

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