Tarping System

Finding industrial applications that meet the needs of your job site, workforce, and equipment can be an exhaustive process. We’ve compiled a quick guide to determining which automatic tarping system will suit your needs based on various key factors.

Address Your Roll-off Truck Tarping System Needs

Roll-off tarping systems secure loose debris to ensure safe transportation while minimizing injury and accidents. The addition of an automatic tarping system streamlines the process of securing loads. When considering the purchase of a new tarp system, it’s essential to address the specific requirements of your industry and business needs, such as:

  • What equipment of mine requires a tarp?
  • What tarp material will work best for covering my typical loads?
  • Are additional or custom tarping system features important?
  • What are the measurements of the equipment needing a tarp?

Roll-off Tarping System Applications

Whether your equipment is custom or standard, the requirements of your equipment determine which tarping system will best contain the load. Containers have different needs based on their function, and trucks have varying load capabilities; your automatic tarping system should work with truck loading capabilities and not disturb or interfere with operation. Tarp systems are available for every application.

Automatic Tarp System Materials

The contents of the haul determine which material works best for the roll-off tarping system. Hauling contents that utilize a mesh tarp, such as sand and aggregate, then the mesh tarp is preferable to solid for aerodynamic qualities. When moving sharp materials or materials affected by temperature or unfavorable conditions, it’s best to use a solid vinyl tarp with your tarping system.

Automatic Tarping System Measurements

Containers come in various sizes, and selecting a tarping system that fits your application correctly is essential. For a roll-off tarping system to operate as intended, it should be accounted for if your application has custom sidewalls or bows of different heights. If your application has custom measurements, choosing a manufacturer that offers customization is advantageous to the success and longevity of your automatic tarping system.

Customizing Your Roll-Off Tarping System

If customization or additional features interest you or are required by your application, selecting an automatic tarping system manufacturer with the appropriate custom capabilities is critical. Roll-off tarping systems offer a plethora of choices for style and function:

  • Lift style
  • Tarp material
  • Tarp color
  • Fully Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

Automation offers a fast and easy solution. The lift styles such as rolling, arm, pull out, and cable provide different advantages for covering your load, and depending on container style and size, will affect the reliability.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Automatic Tarping Systems

Are you looking to add a reliable automated tarping system to your business equipment? EMP has you covered. We partner with the industry’s most recognized and dependable tarp system manufacturers, including O’Brian Tarping Systems, Pioneer, Donovan, and more.

EMP provides the resources you need to make an informed decision about the appropriate tarping system for your application and needs. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist.