Donovan® Brand Arm-Matic™ Tarping Systems

Condition: Build to Order
Make: Donovan

Whether you are hauling gravel, coal, scrap metal or rock, you need a tarp system that is as dependable as the rest of your equipment. Donovan™ understands that downtime costs you money, and there is no worse situation than to be down because of a failed tarp system.

The Arm-Matic™ was designed with reliable and durable operation in mind. For applications from dump trucks to end dumps, Donovan™ has the set up you need to meet your tarping needs. Conditions aren’t always ideal for using tarps, which is why the Arm-Matic™ was designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-repair.

Key Features

  • Tarp Spool with Side Plates
  • Galvanized Steel Crossover Bar – 1-Piece
  • Aluminum High-Gloss Pivot Arms
  • Durabuilt™ Motor with 3-Year Warranty
  • Rocker Switch

  • P/N 1127025 – Aluminum Wind Deflector – 1 Pc.
  • P/N 1120131 – Tension Arm 14′ (Fits 19′ to 24′ Box)
  • P/N 1119750 – Tarp Roller Guide
  • P/N 1125250 – Arm-Lok™ Kit – For Trucks
  • P/N 1125800 – Arm-Lok™ Kit – For Trailers

*Additional options may not be available for all applications.

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