Self Dumping Hopper

Self-dumping hoppers offer versatile material-handling solutions across many industries. There are many benefits to choosing steel dumping hoppers for your application.

How Does a Steel Dumping Hopper Work?

Self-dumping hoppers are large containers made from durable steel. Hoppers allow the operator to dump contents without directly touching or coming into contact with potentially dangerous materials.

Industrial dumping hoppers are commonly used because of their convenience. They can be easily moved or handled using a forklift, and they are secured with safety latches. Hoppers are large enough to collect trash or materials in bulk and small enough to be moved easily.

Industrial Dumping Hopper Applications

Many industries utilize self-dumping forklift hoppers for collecting, storing, and transporting a variety of materials. From metal scraps to wooden pallets, steel self-dumping hoppers are durable for any application. There are different sizes and designs available to fit into convenient locations within a workshop or job site. Several industries rely on dumping hoppers, including:

  • Construction Sites
  • Lumberyards & Large Wood Shops
  • Furniture Shops
  • Metal CNC Machining
  • Manufacturing Plants

Steel Self-Dumping Hopper Advantages

Self-dumping forklift hoppers are useful because of their efficient design and many benefits. Engineered using heavy-duty steel, self-dumping hoppers are incredibly durable for intense daily use. Industrial dumping hoppers are built with longevity in mind. Dumping hoppers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your business facility, and many can be customized.

The primary purpose of self-dumping forklift hoppers is to increase safety and efficiency. With quality dumping hoppers, employees avoid direct contact with potentially dangerous materials, and job sites are kept free of clutter and debris. Another benefit of self-dumping hoppers is that they are versatile for handling any materials for all types of loads, light or heavy. Industrial dumping hoppers can also be used for recycling applications and come with welded seams to offer leak-proof protection.

Contact EMP About Industrial Dumping Hoppers Today

Equipment Market Pros has partnered with Wastequip Equipment to offer durable steel self-dumping hoppers. Wastequip was founded in 1989 and has since become the leading manufacturer of waste-handling equipment in North America. Specializing in products, systems, and solutions to help you collect, store, transport, and manage a wide range of waste and recyclables, their industrial forklift hoppers are versatile to fit any application.

If you are looking for material storage, scrap dumping, or transportation solutions, consider steel dumping hoppers. Contact EMP with any questions regarding hopper products today.