MULTILIFTS represent the true embodiment of the next generation of skiploaders and hooklifts. Providing unprecedented power, precision, and safety features, MULTILIFT style skiploaders, hook hoists, and hooklifts deliver the results your customers need. Whether you’re in construction, waste management, demolition, or a multitude of other industries, the Hiab MULTILIFT provides a more straightforward and more controlled process for managing, delivering, and loading heavy-duty containers.

The Hiab MULTILIFT Difference

An investment in a Hiab MULTILIFT skiploader or hook hoist reaps beneficial dividends from the moment it is equipped. These precision machines are designed to make the regular pickup and delivery of small, medium, and large containers relatively quick and easy compared to standard roll-off cable hoists, hooklifts, and skiploaders. The MULTILIFT system is manufactured from premium quality materials and is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and load types. Hiab MULTILIFT skiploaders and hook hoists provide the following beneficial advantages:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Superior balance
  • Smooth operation
  • Impeccable safety standards

MULTILIFT Skiploader & Hooklift Applications

If you’ve been searching for a more effective way to transport waste materials, the time has come to seriously consider Hiab MULTILIFT skiploaders and hook hoists for your application needs. Whether you are looking for a MULTILIFT for a van, pickup truck, or commercial vehicle, Hiab has you covered.

  • Commercial waste
  • Recycling
  • Construction debris
  • Transport and logistics

MULTILIFT Provides Numerous Options for Your Application Needs

MULTILIFT recycling hooklifts and skiploaders can handle all waste, debris, and recyclable materials with ultimate efficiency and reliability. MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders are available in three distinct options. Each option provides its unique benefits.


If your ultimate goal is intelligent, safe, and efficient lifting, the Ultima provides state-of-the-art features that cannot be matched by standard skip loaders and hook hoists. The Ultima’s HiVision combines external cameras and sensors with internal cabin viewing technology and controls, allowing the driver to attach a load in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Ultima features include:

  • HookliftAssist – Camera-guided control, providing four levels designed to meet a range of needs.
  • SafePositioning – Slides containers into a pre-set position based on their length.
  • Integrated Load Weighing – Calculates weight during the loading process and maximizes payload while avoiding the risk of overloading.
  • LoadBoost – Adapts hooklift speed according to the weight of the load, so you get maximum productivity without compromising safety.
  • FutureTouch – Adjust everything with just one finger while accessing diagnostic messages, load indicators, weight information, and more from one convenient unit.


With 15-, 20-, and 25-ton capacity hooklift options, the Optima provides the highest payloads of any other skiploader in the industry. Optima quality and safety features include hooklift controller with up to four options, light and solid frames for increased payloads, and options that include automatic sequence, fast speed, friction relief, and additional hydraulics. Additional Optima features include:

  • CapacitySpecific Load Optimization – Manages predictable, repetitive loads quickly, distributing the right amount of power for dependable performance.
  • ValueBuy – Every detail of the MULTILIFT Optima is built with the highest performance standards in mind and streamlined with the exact functions needed for all loading tasks.
  • EvoLight – Built with high-strength steel resulting in a light, lean and tough piece of equipment.


Built with over 100 innovations, the Futura skiploader is purposefully built to take on the toughest of the present and future. The Futura’s advanced safety controls allow operators to work safer than ever, providing optimal safety features while maintaining peak efficiency. Additional Futura features include:

  • SwanNeck – A curved neck and extra-long telescopic arm allow perfect stability even while lifting over fences and obstacles or from an unaligned angle.
  • EvoLight – Built with high-strength steel resulting in a light, lean and rugged piece of equipment.
  • SkipTop – Automatically covers any load quickly and securely with a touch of a button.
  • FlexControl – Modular system makes retrofitting easy, so you can change as your business needs change.
  • SafetyPlus – Achieves the ultimate safety for the operator and the working environment.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Advanced MULTILIFT Skiploaders

In the market for a state-of-the-art skiploader or hook hoist system? EMP has you covered. We partner with Galfab, the industry’s most recognized and trusted MULTILIFT skiploader and hooklift system.

Whether your project requires a standard skiploader or a fully-customized MULTILIFT system, EMP provides the resources you need to make an informed decision. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist.