Industrial dump trailers are available in various sizes and configurations to match your application’s specifications. Whether it’s rock, grain, debris, or construction waste, there is a dump trailer that is designed to fit your requirements. If you are looking for the best piece of equipment for hauling large loads of all types, industrial dump trailers provide the strength, structure, and support you need.

What is a Dump Trailer?

As the namesake describes, dump trailers are designed to haul industrial materials while providing innovative, hydraulic-assisted unloading capabilities once the trailer reaches its destination point. Dump trailers are available in several design options, including side dumping, quad, standard frame, half-round, and radius.

How Does a Dump Trailer Operate?

Industrial dump trailers are generally hauled via heavy-duty trucks. They are filled with material at a prescribed site and then driven to another location where the contents of the dump trailer are offloaded. Most dump trailers are powered by a hydraulic pump that can be operated remotely in newer models, a switch or button on the trailer itself. Unlike larger, more expensive dump trucks, dump trailers can be unhitched and left at a job site, providing unique cost-saving incentives.

Load Size Considerations

Every dump trailer is designed with specific load-bearing capabilities, which means that some can handle more weight than others. It is essential to understand your application’s standard load weight-bearing prior to selecting a specific dump trailer. If you believe your typical hauls will be more on the heavier side, err on the side of caution and choose a heavy-duty trailer opposed to a light-duty one.

Environmental Conditions

Not all dump trailers are designed to handle rough terrain. Dump trailers can experience significant damage if used in improper environments or conditions. If you plan on working on gravel or among rougher terrain, then a heavy-duty trailer may be in your best interest. The environment where you will be working and using your new trailer will also play a part in choosing the right one for your specific purposes.

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