tarping system

You’ve added a roll-off dumpster to your worksite. Now what? Traditionally, tarps are used to secure loose debris, which ensures safe transportation and minimizes injury or accident. Providing a tarping system to your roll-off truck can streamline the process. There are benefits to adding a tarping system, but semi- and fully automatic options have pros and cons to each solution.

Benefits of Tarp System

The addition of a roll-off tarping system makes securing waste simple and time efficient. The general benefits of including a tarp system at your work site are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Less risk of injury
  • Reduced chances of tarp damage

Semi-Automatic Tarping System

Choosing a semi-automatic solution will require some manual intervention but is still more effective than a manual option. Semi-auto tarp systems are a more cost-effective solution than fully automatic systems but are better suited to smaller vessels such as trailers.

Fully Automatic Tarping System

Securing your roll-off truck with a fully automatic tarping system offers the fastest and easiest solution. Press the button, and you’re ready to go; no manipulation or hand-tying is required. The risk of injury is eliminated with a fully automatic option.

Disadvantages of Tarp System

Rolling tarp systems have their shortcomings. It’s essential to address any issues that may arise with your roll-off tarping system; here are a few common concerns all rolling tarp systems face:

  • Frame arms off-center/unparallel
  • Rolling tarp is not square
  • Motor problems

Be sure to address any mechanical issues of the tarping system before operating it to ensure the longevity of your tarp.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Roll-Off Tarping Systems

Are you looking for a suitable roll-off tarping system for your industrial truck? EMP has you covered. We partner with the industry’s most recognized and dependable rolling tarp system manufacturers, including O’Brian Tarping Systems and Municipal Equipment, Inc.

EMP provides the resources you need to make an informed decision about the right truck tarping system for your needs. Visit our blog for more information on extending the life of your tarping system.