container tarping system

Let’s face it. The difference between a good and bad truck tarping system is night and day. At best, a terrible tarp system will fail to keep the elements from entering or interfering with your load. At worst, a dysfunctional truck tarp can be a hazard to the road. If the tarping system has holes or is not entirely covering the truck’s load, it jeopardizes other drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety and well-being. Before your trap system becomes a liability to yourself and those around you, follow our truck tarp maintenance tips to prolong the life of your truck’s tarp.

Truck Tarp System Maintenance Tips

Truck tarps can be damaged in many ways. Some systems simply wear out over time, while others are damaged through neglect or misuse. Troubleshooting tarping system problems before they escalate can save significant time, money, and frustration. The following truck tarp maintenance tips are designed to help you navigate any potential issues you may encounter.

Invest in a Premium Truck Tarp System

Before you do anything, invest in a high-quality tarp. You will thank us later. Like most things in life, a good initial investment will reap dividends. There is no comparison between a quality truck tarp and a flimsy piece of junk waiting to fall apart. I can’t stress it enough, get yourself a quality tarp. Factor in the following considerations when choosing a tarping system for your truck:

  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Choose a size that fits (custom or precision measured)
  • Ease-of-operation (is it a pain to open and close?)
  • Look for a quality warranty

Operator Error

All too often, tarp system breakdowns and failures are not caused by faulty craftsmanship or defects but by operator error. An obvious example is if a loader dumps heavy material onto the tarp, it will most likely be ruined or significantly damaged. Significant problems can also result from a machine or loader running into or grazing the truck’s tarp.

Watch the Wind

You’re asking for trouble if you operate your truck’s tarping system while driving. If you catch a sudden wind burst while the tarp is half open, the wind will thrash it, potentially causing tears in the tarp and breaks within the tarp system structure.

Consider Convenience

Operational convenience should also be one of the primary considerations when purchasing a truck tarping system. A tarp that is easy to operate will also be simpler to maintain and service. Rolling tarp systems can be operated entirely from the ground, which takes much less of a toll on the operator over the lifespan of the tarp.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Truck Tarping Systems

In the market for an easy-to-operate manual or automatic truck tarp? EMP has you covered. We partner with the industry’s most recognized and dependable truck tarp manufacturers, including Municipal Equipment, O’Brian Tarping, and more.

Whether your project requires a manual or automatic truck tarp, EMP provides the resources you need to make an informed decision. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist.