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Garbage trucks are the literal representation of waste hauling. Without refuse trucks, garbage and waste would be an overwhelming problem. Whether garbage, recycling products, wet materials, metals, or any other waste, today’s garbage and refuse trucks are designed, engineered, and manufactured to dispose of many different types of materials successfully. Depending on your specific disposal needs, there are several commercial garbage truck options to manage the needs of your business.

Commercial Garbage Truck Options

Every industry requires its own unique waste collection options. Company needs dictate whether you will need a front loader, rear loader, side loader, or roll off refuse truck. There are several features and benefits that separate each style of garbage truck; we will examine the advantages of each in the following sections.

Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader waste trucks are designed to pick up waste receptacles and bins from the front of the vehicle, lifting them up and over the truck’s cab to put collected waste materials into the vehicle’s rear hopper. Due to the front loader’s hydraulic arms, front loader garbage trucks are incredibly efficient in big cities and tight spaces where limited accessibility can become a problem.

Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

Typically used to service residential or commercial customers, rear loader garbage trucks feature the classic rear opening where the waste is thrown either via a mechanical arm or human strength. Another essential feature of a rear loader refuse truck is its ability to lift waste bins mechanically without clearing the vehicle’s cab or hopper ceiling. Rear loaders are also very easy to maneuver, making them ideal for urban environments where tight alleyways are often the waste pickup routes.

Side Loader Garbage Trucks

Side loader trucks are typically used for residential waste pickup, picking up and emptying bins via a mechanical arm. Side loaders allow the truck driver to stay within the confines of the cabin throughout the entire pickup process, increasing safety and productivity. Side loaders vary in size and capacity, but most can typically collect trash or recycling from more than 1,000 homes in a single day.

Roll Off Garbage Trucks

Whether demolition, construction, restaurants, or large-scale commercial enterprise, roll off refuse trucks effectively remove waste. These waste removal trucks are equipped with massive roll off containers that can be dropped off anywhere on site and are perfect for handling heavy materials such as steel, concrete, wood, or other objects.

Once the roll off container is filled, the garbage truck picks it up from the site to haul it to the dump station. A roll off garbage truck can carry approximately 20,000 lbs, equal to 10 tons. Its sturdy construction ensures the truck doesn’t get damaged during pickup or drop-off.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Commercial & Residential Garbage Trucks

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