Whether bulk loads of trash, construction debris, or any waste material, waste management vehicles and equipment must consistently lift stressful heavy loads. Hydraulic cylinders in the waste management industry provide the power and torque required to match these weights, allowing for fully functional and seamless lifts. Hydraulic cylinders for waste management applications are available standard or can be custom manufactured to meet your unique specifications.

Why Choose Hydraulic Cylinders for Waste Management Applications?

The efficient collection of residential and industrial waste while providing proper disposal is the most critical function of waste management. Technically advanced waste management vehicles collect and manage large quantities of trash. Hydraulic cylinder systems allow these vehicles to lift, collect, and unload various types of refuse quickly and effectively.

Hydraulic Cylinder Advantages for the Waste Management Industry

Refuse trucks and equipment require hydraulic cylinders to successfully power and lift significant loads. Since hydraulic systems enable waste management equipment to lift and transfer larger loads, they can provide an effective way to move more garbage in a shorter amount of time. Additional hydraulic cylinder benefits for the waste management industry include:

  • Variable speed controls
  • Increased power-to-weight ratios
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Enhanced positioning
  • Extended life
  • Minimized maintenance costs

Waste Management Hydraulic Cylinder Options

Several different hydraulic cylinders are commonly used within the waste management industry. Each style of hydraulic cylinder offers its unique qualities. Hydraulic cylinder options for waste management include:

Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to push or pull in a single direction. A countermeasure such as a spring, counterweight, or gravity must be used to drive the rod back to its starting location. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are less expensive and require less porting and hydraulic hoses than other hydraulic options.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Providing both push and pull action, double-acting hydraulic cylinders offer a more significant amount of linear force when compared with single-acting cylinders. Double-acting cylinders do not have to rely on gravity to return to their starting location; they are designed to do this independently instead.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders utilize multiple nested stages, achieving a long working stroke in compact/retracted form. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are ideal for all waste management applications, including dump trucks and waste container lifting equipment.

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Premium Waste Management Hydraulic Cylinders

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