industrial baler maintenance

Providing proper maintenance to your industrial baler does not have to be a tedious and arduous task. Many people push aside the notion that regular baler maintenance and upkeep are necessary for prolonged machine life. However, to avoid unnecessary repair costs and ensure that your vertical, horizontal, manual tie or auto tie baler is performing to its maximum capabilities, regular maintenance is crucial to the overall success of your baler. The following tips are meant to help extend the life of your baler.

General Maintenance Practices for EMP Partner Balers

Implementing general baler maintenance practices provides an ideal way to extend the life of your baler. General cleaning tips are suitable for preserving baler integrity from the following EMP equipment partners:

Maintain Proper Baler Oil Levels

Baler oil should be changed regularly to maximize the functionality of your baler. Baler oil tests should be scheduled and conducted periodically to ensure that the oil is not dirty and does not contain metal fragments, which would indicate a problem with the baler’s hydraulic cylinder. Contaminants in the oil can reduce its viscosity, making it less suitable for lubrication leading to poor baler performance and repairs. The baler’s oil and air filters should be changed at the manufacturer’s recommended time frame.

Maintain a Clean Facility

Your facility’s general cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in prolonging baler life. Removing debris and other clutter around your baler helps to ensure that your machine is working correctly. It is essential to pay attention to cleaning sensors, rams, and the oil cooler to avoid fire hazards and oil contamination and prevent overheating.

Invest in High-Quality Spare Parts

To minimize baler downtime in the event of a part breakdown, it is vital to invest in high-quality spare parts that will stand the test of time. If you are unsure which parts to buy, consult with the baler salesperson and ask them which parts they recommend buying in bulk. Having critical reserves will help minimize baler downtime, reducing or eliminating losses.

Baler Hydraulic Systems

Since balers function under high pressure and temperatures, the hydraulic system needs to be checked regularly. Analyze the hydraulic fluid, maintain an oil analysis program, keep the operating environment clean and cool, and monitor bale density/weight often to ensure they are correct.

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