Run your baler at maximum efficiency

Like most other types of complex industrial machinery, baler machines should be regularly cleaned and maintained to achieve the highest success rate. Providing regularly scheduled maintenance and cleanings allows your baler to run at maximum efficiency, reducing the chance of expensive breakdowns and repairs. Once implemented, providing proper baler machine maintenance is quick, easy, and will become part of your daily or weekly maintenance routine.

General Baler Maintenance

Cleaning material and dust from your baler is a simple and effective way to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Compressed air is a quick and easy way to remove dust and debris from the baler’s outer areas and inner nooks. Keep in mind that the compressed air should not exceed 40 PSI; this ensures that any negligible parts are not displaced during cleaning. When using compressed air, it is also important to blow off any dust or debris encompassing the hydraulic tank. Providing proper hydraulic tank cleaning methods will assist in avoiding expensive baler hydraulic repairs.

Maintain Baler Oil Quality

It is vital to the overall functionality of your baler machine that the oil is consistently clean and free of debris, particularly metal fragments, which could indicate a problem with the baler’s hydraulic cylinder. Baler oil should be regularly monitored to ensure proper levels are maintained. The oil should be tested regularly to safeguard against potential trouble issues for the best results. Additionally, baler oil and oil filters should be changed based on specific manufacturer recommendations.

Baler Hydraulic Systems

Since balers function under high pressure and temperatures, the hydraulic system needs to be checked regularly. Analyze the hydraulic fluid, maintain an oil analysis program, keep the operating environment clean and cool, and monitor bale density/weight often to ensure they are correct.

Baler Part Replacement

Certain baler machine replacement parts are often difficult to find. To avoid the risk of out-of-stock critical components, it is advised that you contact your baler manufacturer for a list of essential parts and, if possible, keep the necessary spares on hand. Having critical reserves will help minimize baler downtime, reducing or eliminating losses.

Increase Facility Cleanliness Standards

Removing debris and other clutter around your baler helps ensure that your machine is working correctly. Pay attention to cleaning the sensors, rams, and oil cooler to avoid fire hazards and oil contamination, which will help to reduce overheating.

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