Safety Tips for EMP Industrial Balers

Industrial balers are heavy-duty machines that deliver tremendous power via a powerful motor and hydraulic cylinders. Since balers are manufactured from heavy steel, are noisy, and provide enormous crushing capabilities, extreme caution and good safety standards must be maintained while operating or providing baler maintenance services.

Industrial Baler Safety Tips & Protocols

The following safety tips for proper baler use and maintenance are vital to the operator’s protection. These safety standards aim to prevent serious injuries, including death or dismemberment, via a baler machine’s improper use. Safety tips for proper vertical and horizontal baler use include the following:

Implement Proper Baler Use Safety Training

Before using a baler machine, all operators should be adequately trained by qualified personnel. This training should include detailed information on policies, procedures, and safety precautions. Evidence of each operators’ baler training should be appropriately documented.

Utilize Protective Gear

Protective gear such as safety glasses, gloves, goggles, hard hats, steel-toed shoes, and ear protection should always be worn while operating a baler. These vital pieces of safety equipment help keep operators safe.

Inspect Baler Regularly

Inspections should be performed regularly to emphasize any potential safety concerns. Equipment inspections should include checking electrical panels for damage or debris, examining hoses for leaks or abrasions, and checking for cracks or signs of wear in the steel structure.

Turn Off Baler When Inspecting or Clearing Jams

Many baling injuries occur when operators attempt to clear jams without turning off the machinery. Although the ram motion will cease during a jam, the baler remains in operation and could reactivate. As such, it’s essential to disconnect the machine’s power supply before clearing a jam to prevent severe injury or death.

Switch Off Baler When Not in Use

To prevent unauthorized use and promote injury prevention, the baler should always be switched off when not in use. Furthermore, the baler key should also be removed to ensure that unauthorized use does not occur.

Display Warning Signs

All newer baler machines are required by law to display proper warning signs. Warning signs prevent severe injury or death by advising of pinch points and areas of the baler where bodily harm could occur.

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