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New and Used Industrial Tarping Systems for Sale

Manual and automatic operated tarping systems provide full payload coverage for all types of trucks, dump trucks, and dumpsters. Whether your project requires front to back tarp systems, side to side tarping, automatic drive tarps, or manual tarp disbursement, premium tarping systems provide the coverage you need.

To learn more about our easy-to-use tarp system options, get in touch with our sales associates. With the best new and used wholesale tarping options in the industry, EMP can help you find a manual or automatic tarping system that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Truck & Dumpster Tarping System Options

EMP can help you select the right new or used wholesale industrial tarp system for your business needs. We partner with top tarp manufacturers including Donovan, O’Brian, and more, offering you the best selection of high-quality tarping systems in the industry. Every Donovan or O’Brian tarp system that EMP sells is in excellent condition, has been thoroughly checked, and is safe to use.

Front to Back Tarp Systems

High-efficiency front to back tarp systems are manufactured with two long pockets that fit across a trailers length. The system has two metal arms that are inserted through the side pockets of the Tarp. When deployed, front to back tarps are unfurled from the rolled position and extended out to cover the open area of the trailer. These types of tarps are often referred to as asphalt tarp and dump truck tarping systems.

Side to Side Tarp Systems

Also referred to as roll tarp systems, side to side tarps are free on one end and fixed on the other. The operational mechanism within the tarping system drives the free end to roll and simultaneously curl toward the fixed end. The bows of the container interact with the ribs of the tarp, on which the tarp rolls back and forth.

Automatic & Manual Tarp Systems

Manual tarping systems utilize a cranking device to swiftly open and close a tarp with ease. Manual systems can be effort-intensive, especially during the winter months, but tend to be simpler and robust. Automatic tarping systems are built with a motorized drive that opens and closes a tarp with a push of a button. Automatic systems are extremely convenient, providing simple tarp opens and closures in a variety of environments. When choosing an automatic or manual tarp cost considerations should be taken into account.

Buy or Sell Industrial Tarping Systems Today

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used tarping system, or have a tarp to sell, let EMP help you with your equipment needs. Contact us to list your truck and container tarping system or to purchase new or used equipment today.