O’Brian Autocover II-CH Tarping System

Workhorse of the automatic tarping systems

  • The lower pivot points incorporate the master/slave cylinder system for precise controlled arm movement. Double-acting cylinders are utilized on the upper arms.
  • Our patented pivoting elbow upper arms enable the operator when the container is all the way forward to place the roller on the rear of the container (10 to 50 cubic yard containers or lengths from 16’ to 24’). This reduces tarp replacement and prevents debris from blowing out from the rear of the container.

  • Greaseless pivot points utilize a self-lubricating fiber bushing. No longer do you have to deal with weekly or monthly greasing for proper pivot lubrication and maintenance.
  • NO VALVING (diverter or divider combiners) required for proper arm sequencing or adjustable controls needed to control freefall.
  • O’Brian gives you control valve options, multi handle, or joystick.
  • The approximate install weight is 1150 lbs.

Please contact one of the EMP Partner(s) below:
Municipal Equipment, Inc. (HQ)
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O’Brian Tarping Systems (HQ)
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