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New and Used Industrial Street Sweepers for Sale

Street sweepers assist in keeping town, city, or municipality streets clean and free of debris. Whether it’s a vacuum street sweeper, regenerative street sweeper, or mechanical street sweeper, industrial road sweepers provide the high-performance cleaning power required to effectively clean any street or roadway.

To learn more about our high-efficiency road sweeper options, get in touch with our sales associates. With the best new and used industrial street sweeper options in the industry, EMP can help you find a road sweeper that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Street Sweeper Options

EMP can help you select the right new or used wholesale industrial street sweeper for your business needs. We partner with top street sweeper manufacturers including Elgin Sweeper Company and more, offering you the best selection of road sweepers in the industry. Every street sweeper that EMP sells is in excellent condition, has been thoroughly checked, and is safe to use.

Mechanical Street Sweepers

Wholesale industrial mechanical street sweepers are characterized by a rotating cylindrical broom, which flicks dirt and debris onto a conveyor that moves it into a hopper for collection. Early mechanical sweepers were horse drawn and were first motorized in 1868. Modern mechanical sweepers perform well at picking up heavy material such as coarse sand and gravel but are less effective at picking up finer material.

Vacuum Street Sweepers

Industrial vacuum road sweepers use an engine powered fan to create suction. Typically, a windrow broom moves dirt into the path of a vacuum nozzle, where dirt and debris are sucked into a hopper. The large volume of the hopper causes the heavier material to fall, while a screen traps lighter material such as leaves, before the air is exhausted.

Regenerative Street Sweepers

At EMP, we supply high quality regenerative street sweepers that use an engine to power a blower, which pushes air through a blast orifice across the entire width of a pick-up head, which covers the entire width of the sweeper. The blast of air removes dirt from the surface, penetrating imperfections in the street such as cracks and potholes.

Street Sweeper Applications

Entities that benefit from industrial wholesale street sweepers include:

  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Municipalities
  • Private companies

Winter Snow & Ice Removal Equipment

When the summer sun sets and winter unleashes its frozen fury, it’s important to be prepared. With innovative snow and ice preparation and removal products, our partners specialize in all types of Snow & Ice Removal Equipment including Snow Plows, Salt Spreaders, Parts and Accessories.

Construction Site Cleanup Services

The majority of our Construction Site Clean Up Service prospects consist of companies that clean and remove leftover construction materials from Commercial and Residential properties. These prospective companies often utilize street sweepers for the cleanup of their properties. Locate construction site cleanup services near you.

Let Us Help You Get the Industrial Street Sweeper You Need

Whether you need a new or used street sweeper or have equipment to sell, let EMP help you with your road sweeper needs. Contact us to list your street sweeper or to purchase new or used equipment today.