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Waste collection programs are commonly used throughout the country to manage garbage removal. Both local government entities and private corporations lead the charge for these programs, and they require reliable waste collection equipment for their garbage truck fleets. A regular maintenance schedule ensures refuse trucks are working properly and ready for tough jobs.

Equipment Market Pros can help you find the refuse equipment you need with a wide variety of both new and used collection bodies and garbage trucks.

Benefits of Regular Garbage Truck Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps you get the most out of your garbage truck fleet. By guaranteeing that refuse trucks are working properly, your fleet is ready for demanding jobs. Last-minute or emergency repairs cost valuable time and money, but staying on top of vehicle maintenance can save you down the road.

Refuse truck fleets follow exact schedules and timelines, so preventative maintenance safeguards vehicles against wear, damage, and breakdowns along their route.

What Requires Regular Maintenance on a Refuse Truck?

Due to the frequent stops of garbage trucks, brakes are one of the first items that require regular maintenance. It’s imperative to develop a maintenance routine that incorporates brake checks and replacement.

Monitoring tire tread and pressure is also an important element of regular maintenance. Tire and brake wear go hand-in-hand, and proper tire monitoring helps tires last longer, improve vehicle efficiency, and prevent route disruptions. Refuse trucks endure demanding usage, heavy loads, and tough conditions. Well-maintained tires provide reliability and security.

The compactor refuse collection body also requires regular checks and monitoring. The main area for waste collection is also where compaction occurs. The compactor body has multiple joints that require lubrication for frequent movement. If you hear any unnatural squeaking noises, friction is taking place as metal rubs against metal. Proper lubrication prevents any metal or joint wear or damage.

Different Areas of Refuse Truck Maintenance

There are multiple areas of waste fleet management. Knowing the different areas of garbage truck maintenance helps to ensure your fleet remains operational at all times.

Basic maintenance and vehicle upkeep include regular oil changes, monitoring fluid levels, and checking lights and sensors before and after shifts. Preventative fleet maintenance includes brakes, tires, and other areas that experience high wear and usage. By fixing and addressing any issues early on, you can prevent costly reactive repairs. These reactive repairs are usually an emergency, require urgent action, and disrupt regular schedules. All of these inconvenient factors add up to costing more money and keeping refuse trucks off the road, costing valuable time as well.

Find the Refuse Equipment You Need at EMP

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