hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role in applications that require enhanced strength, reliability, and durability. Hydraulic cylinders are precision built to withstand extreme work conditions and harsh environments. It is crucial to provide regular preventive maintenance to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs, keeping your hydraulic cylinder in tip-top shape. The following planned preventative maintenance tips are designed to help your hydraulic cylinders last for many years in any environment.

Provide Regular Hydraulic Cylinder Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to preventing premature hydraulic cylinder wear and breakage. Pay close attention to moisture accumulation in smaller areas that are harder to clean. Excess moisture over time can lead to water contamination. Excess water will eventually lead to enhanced corrosion, jeopardizing the entire hydraulic cylinder if not corrected promptly.

Also, pay close attention to the cylinder rod. Always check for any signs of corrosion, pitting, or wear. Too much moisture can cause decay, whether from the air or within the hydraulic fluid. Corrosion also encourages the wearing of the seals due to increased friction; pitting causes a similar problem.

Finally, provide regular maintenance to the bearing seals and rod. If the rod is consistently rubbing against the bearing seals, they will wear out quicker. This increased friction is often due to increased side loads. Chrome or polish can often provide an easy fix for this scenario.

Hydraulic Oil Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Dirty hydraulic oil can be a problem. Without standard hydraulic oil maintenance and replacement, old oil can cause numerous issues that often require expensive repair work to fix. If hydraulic oil is contaminated, it must be thoroughly cleaned as soon as any contamination has been found. It is also best to fit high-efficiency filters and change them when necessary.

Built-up debris within the oil filter prevents the clean passage of oil to the critical areas of the hydraulic cylinder, which can also lead to costly repairs. Preventive maintenance and keeping clean oil will lead to years of successful hydraulic cylinder use.

Properly Maintain Cylinder Accessories

Providing proper maintenance to parts and components that adjoin the hydraulic cylinder is crucial to the cylinder’s overall success. If a part or component that works in tandem with the hydraulic cylinder is broken or defective, the cylinder itself will not function to its fullest capacity.

Rotate Hydraulic Cylinders

Having a spare hydraulic cylinder that you can rotate in and out of use is a favorable option for maintaining the performance integrity of your application. Despite possible particle contamination and harsh operating conditions, providing a break between services keeps the cylinders in good shape. It is also wise to undertake maintenance on these cylinders when they are removed from the system so that they can be repaired if necessary.

Hydraulic Cylinder Testing

Hydraulic cylinders should be regularly tested to ensure proper functionality and accurate performance. Leakage measurements should also be taken by pressurizing the cylinder at the end of the stroke. This process ensures that the hydraulic cylinder functions to its end-use requirements.

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