Industrial stationary and self-contained compactors are widely used to condense large amounts of trash, debris, recycling, and waste into easy-to-manage bundles that take up less space and are simple to transport. Commercial compactors are also ideal for reducing odors and controlling pest and rodent interactions. New and used industrial compactors are often used in environments that generate a lot of waste including large manufacturing facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, construction sites, and more.

Self-Contained Compactors

Waste liquid can become a massive problem if it’s not dealt with correctly. A self-contained compactor is designed for waste that produces liquids after being compacted. Self-contained compactors are designed to properly deal with wet and granulated waste materials, reducing the influx of wet material into dry waste. Each self-contained compactor is fitted with a draining sump receptacle that gathers and separates the wet and dry debris, ensuring that the wet waste is properly disposed.

Stationary Compactors

Conversely, industrial stationary compactors are used for waste materials that do not contain liquids, such as cardboard, paper, and other dry waste materials. Stationary compactors are not mobile. Once installed, a stationary compactor is secured to the ground, which reduces vibration, leading to significant noise reduction. Commercial stationary compactors are also generally much larger than self-contained compactors due to the increased amount of dry waste over wet waste in most facilities.

Which Compactor Type is Best for Your Facility?

Self-contained and stationary compactors both serve a specific purpose, so your application will provide the insight into which type of commercial compactor is best for your site. Many businesses deal with both wet and dry waste so having both stationary and self-contained compactors is to their immediate benefit.

Sebright Compactors Service Your Waste Reduction Needs

Sebright Products offers self-contained and stationary compactors designed with quality components that are fabricated, installed, and serviced by the manufacturer. This assures that you will receive the best quality equipment and service after the sale.

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