Do you know the difference between trenching, shoring, and shielding? Shoring uses bracing to prevent the collapse of trench walls. Learn about different types of trench shoring safety equipment to protect workers against cave-ins.

What is Trench Shoring?

Trench shoring uses bracing and shields to support weak walls and prevent collapse. It is common for trenches to become unstable when excavating, and shoring helps to reinforce with props, shores, or other materials. Shoring systems help to prioritize the safety of workers while speeding up excavation jobs.

What is the Purpose of Trench Shoring?

Trench shoring is used to provide a support system for trench faces in order to prevent the movement of soil, foundations, underground utilities, and roadways. Shoring ensures safety regulations are met. OSHA requires protective shoring systems for trenches 5 feet deep or more.

It is imperative to provide safe working conditions, and trench shoring guarantees protection against unstable dirt walls when excavating.

What Equipment is Used for Trench Shoring?

Trench shoring safety equipment both reinforces trench walls and protects workers from cave-ins. There are many different tools utilized in trench shoring applications depending on the trench type and size.

Steel Spreaders:

Spreaders are used in conjunction with trench shields. Ranging in length of 1-20 feet, steel spreaders are standard to match a 2 inch pin.

Road Plates:

A road plate is a large, rigid plate that is used to hold back dirt. Steel road plates are commonly used for applications involving street crossings or trench covering and to provide access over unstable terrain.

Bedding Box:

Bedding boxes hold large quantities of bedding material for easy access. Bedding boxes lower waste and costs while increasing productivity. Bedding boxes come in multiple sizes depending on your application, are manufactured with durable A36 steel, and come equipped for lifting and pulling.

Manhole Box:

A manhole box provides protection from cave-ins while providing access within for work on a manhole. Manhole boxes ensure safe working conditions by preventing trench collapse. There are two types of manhole boxes available to handle the pressure of unstable soil:


A steel stacker is a piece of trench shoring equipment that spreads across the width of the trench to brace the walls. They can be stacked to support the entire trench length. There are two types of stackers available for the shoring of trench faces:


A trench shield is an assembly that drops into a trench to prevent cave-ins. Available in multiple options depending on your application, trench shields protect workers against injuries in the event of a trench collapse. Pinnacle offers three types of shields to fortify trench walls and ensure worker safety:

What is the Difference Between Trenching and Shoring?

Trenching is a construction method that uses excavation to dig a narrow trench underground. This process utilizes trencher machines for many different applications including laying piping, creating drainage, and more. Trench shields and boxes are commonly installed to protect employees from dirt and other materials that can cave in.

Shoring utilizes hydraulic force and other bracing methods to protect the structure itself against the caving in of any trench walls. While trench shoring equipment is used to brace trench walls and prevent collapse, shields protect workers while they’re inside a trench.

Why Choose Pinnacle Trench Shield Safety Equipment?

Since their beginning in 2006, Pinnacle Manufacturing has focused on continual growth and improvement. As an expert source for all things trench shoring, Pinnacle carries all the equipment needed for the protection of workers in trenches.

Pinnacle offers extensive industry knowledge and experience in manufacturing storage tanks, containers, and trench shoring equipment:

  • Steel Spreaders
  • Steel Road Plates
  • Bedding & Manhole Boxes
  • Manhole & Trench Stackers
  • Trench Shields

EMP Proudly Carries Trench Shoring Shields & Other Pinnacle Products

From bedding and manhole boxes to stackers and shields, EMP carries the heavy-duty Pinnacle products you need to ensure both the safety of your employees and the stability of your trench structure. Shields and other trench shoring safety equipment is essential to ensure a job well done. Contact us or check out Pinnacle shoring products today.