The use of industrial compactors has increased significantly over the last several years. Trash compactor expanded use can be attributed to the desire to cut costs, increase efficiency, and contribute to a cleaner environment that provides more advanced hygienic qualities. Current industrial compactors deliver efficient, state-of-the-art functionality that reduces waste volume while providing advantages to restaurants, shopping centers, and warehouse facilities.

Decreased Operational Costs

Enhanced productivity and time management are key factors that reduce operational costs. By decreasing waste volume using an industrial waste compactor, less storage and trash hauls are required, equating to more significant cost savings. Less time spent emptying dumpsters also allows employees to focus on other business areas, helping to increase productivity.

Increased Efficiency

Since industrial compactors are simple to use, a push of a button can condense a large amount of trash into an easy-to-manipulate bundle cube. There is also no need to continually check and monitor the fill level of the compactor like that of a dumpster. Once complete, the compactor will alert the operator that the emptying process can be started.

Environmentally Beneficial

Industrial trash compactors are designed and engineered to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, helping to reduce harmful climate impacts while increasing “green” marketing initiatives.

Increases Space

Lower trash volume means more floor space. Industrial waste compactors reduce trash volume, making it easier to store and transport. Efficient compactors also lessen the need for bulky dumpsters and trash bins that harbor foul smells and disease.

Sanitary Work Environment

Employees do not like dealing with trash. It smells and has the potential to leak and spill, creating potentially nasty messes that require lengthy cleanups. Industrial waste compactors allow employees to skip the hassle and smell of trash bins in favor of a sanitary compactor that eliminates unsightly trash buildup.

Industrial Garbage Compactor Advantages

There are significant benefits to owning or leasing a commercial trash compactor. Industrial garbage compactors will allow your business to save substantial amounts of money over several years while also providing several additional advantages, including:

  • Lower cost of trash collection
  • Improved sanitation
  • Odor control
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decreased rodent and insect problems
  • Increased useable floor space
  • Promotes eco-friendly waste
  • Safe and secure

EMP is Your Trusted Resource for Industrial Waste Compactors

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