Heil® Under-CDL Mini Rear Loader Refuse Body

Condition: Build to Order
Make: Heil

Because operators don’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the vehicle is exempt from Federal Excise Tax* (FET.) The beauty of this highly maneuverable, non-CDL rear load garbage truck is its narrow, compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for commercial or residential waste hauling routes.

  • Body Size: 9,11,13 yd3
  • Body Weight: 7,600 – 8,200 lbs.

The Heil Mini Rear Loader features a large hopper that is perfect for residential waste hauling routes, but also handles the occasional commercial refuse container with ease. The hopper’s large size allows for more trash and fewer tailgate cycles, increasing route productivity and providing route flexibility. Another feature of the Mini Rear Loader is pre-crushing in the hopper. The Heil Linkage Packing System pre-compacts the refuse before it’s loaded into the trash body. With compaction beginning in the hopper, payloads are greatly increased. This allows for more time spent on route, and more collection stops.

The swing link design on the non-CDL Mini Rear Loader offers a smoother, more efficient operation. The simple yet effective design results in less maintenance and a long-lasting, reliable packing mechanism. In addition, the single lever packer control handle allows for easy one-hand operation. This process is fast, easy-to-use, and can complete half the tailgate pack cycle with one movement in each direction. This requires fewer adjustments and less overall maintenance. If you are looking for a small, non-CDL rear loader with BIG performance, the Heil Mini Rear Load garbage truck body fits the bill.

* Heil does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the specific tax implications of your selected product.

  • Compact Size
  • Pre-Crushes In The Hopper
  • Swing Link Design
  • Large Hopper
  • In-Body Oil Tank
  • Body Valve On Front Head
  • Auto-Lock Latches
  • One Lever Packer Control

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