Pioneer HR2000 Hi-Roller Armless System

Condition: Build to Order
Make: Pioneer

The Pioneer HR2000 armless tarping system is ideal for use in tight alleyways or other areas where side-to-side clearance is limited.  To operate, the driver raises the gantry, flips the rope over the container, walks to the rear, and pulls the cover over the load.  The tarp operates via a spring-loaded roller that acts similar to a window shade.   The HR2000 uses a 5” spring-loaded telescopic roller and a hydraulic gantry powered by either a 12 volt DC self-contained power unit or integrated with the truck’s hydraulic system.

  • Applications:  Tandem and tri-axle hook lifts/cable hoist
  • Container style/size:  20 to 50 yard containers up to 24′ long
  • Standard tarp:  8’ wide heavy-duty mesh

  • Armless system for use where side-to-side clearance is limited
  • No pivot arms to replace
  • Simple window shade-like operation; just pull a rope to cover load
  • Hydraulic 3-stage telescopic gantry adjusts vertically from 68” to 156” and provides smooth, quiet and simple operation
  • Two-stage heavy duty cylinder raises the gantry to 13 feet
  •  Audio and visual up-gantry in-cab alarm system improves safety
  • Gantry cylinders deploy through bearing rings, minimizing play between stages for smooth, quiet operation
  • Gantry’s self-contained support members mean no additional gusseting is necessary
  • Fewer moving parts (no chains, sprockets or pulleys) make maintenance easier

  • PTO hydraulic system
  • 12-volt power pack hydraulic system

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