Perkins Manufacturing Company D6040 HD Stationary

Condition: Build to Order

Perkins Manufacturing proudly presents it’s new Stationary Compactor Dumper…designed for ultra-heavy loads in a small convenient package! The Stationary Compactor Dumper comes complete with pump, controls, and stand all pre-assembled and ready to use. Just secure the stand, fill it with oil, and plugin. The dumper is fully compatible with US (two-bar) carts and will dump them into compactors, roll-off containers, or other large trash receptacles. Ideal for other industrial uses too.

  • Simple design similar in concept to our patented TuckAway dumper
  • Allows for easy hook up of carts and fewer moving parts
  • Easy setup, lifter comes mounted to stand and all hydraulics and controls are assembled
  • Sturdy construction
  • The stand acts as a guard rail forcing operators to stand clear
  • Stand takes up 48″X 48″ leaving more room to work

Please contact one of the EMP Partner(s) below:
Municipal Equipment, Inc. (HQ)
Call: (800) 248-7590
6305 Shepherdsville Road
Louisville, Kentucky

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