Galfab, Gasketed Tailgate Roll-Off Containers (OS Series)

Galfab’s Gasketed Tailgate Containers are great for application with liquid and environmental concerns. Continuously welded sides reduce the chances of leaks making this container for hazards and mess associated with wet waste. These containers are available in a variety of strengths and options to fit almost any payload or application.

  • Single Rear Door
  • Articulating Hinge with Gasket
  • 3” Channel Cross Members
  • Cross Member Gusseted
  • Solid Steel Nose Cone
  • Greaseable Rear Rollers
  • 84” Inside Width
  • Interior Gussets
  • Heavy Duty Top Caps
  • All Wear Points Greaseable
  • Standard Paint Colors

  • Front Rollers
  • 3/8” Long Sills
  • Dirt Shedders
  • Inverted Angles on Top Cap
  • Heavy Duty Top Cap
  • Roll Tarp Covers

Model OS Rated Cubic YD.
OS1660 20 Cu. Yd.
OS1836 13 Cu. Yd.
OS1854 20 Cu. Yd.
OS1866 25 Cu. Yd.
OS1872 27 Cu. Yd.
OS2048 20 Cu. Yd.
OS2060 25 Cu. Yd.
OS2072 30 Cu. Yd.
OS2242 20 Cu. Yd.
OS2254 25 Cu. Yd.
OS2266 31 Cu. Yd.
OS2284 40 Cu. Yd.
OS2442 21 Cu. Yd.
OS2448 24 Cu. Yd.
OS2460 30 Cu. Yd.

Model Duty Ratings

Typical Applications Used for non dense type material with little to no liquid where leaks are not desired. Used for small amount of liquids that can separate from the material and no leakage desired. Used for material where part of the liquids remain suspended and part of the liquids separate from the material and no leakage is desired. Used for material where the liquid mostly stays suspended in the material. Used for thick liquid suspended material that has some moving or hydraulic action. Used for thinner liquid material that would flow or move easily.
Side 12 gauge 12 gauge 7 gauge 7 gauge 7 gauge 7 gauge
Floor 7 gauge 7 gauge 1/4″ 1/4″ 1/4″ 1/4″
Stake Spacing 30″ 30″ 30″ 24″ 30″ 24″
Interior Gussets No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air Test Gussets N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Weld – Sides Inside Inside & Outside Inside & Outside Inside & Outside Inside & Outside Inside & Outside
Continuous Weld – Stakes No No No No Yes Yes
Braced Tailgate No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cross Sill Spacing 16 16 12 12 12 12

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