Curbtender, Inc. Quantum XL Rear Loader

Condition: Build to Order
Make: Curbtender

For years, the Quantum has been the industry’s leading small-body rear loader. The Quantum features a unique lightweight design, industry best cycle time, and high compaction rating. Now that same great performance is available in 16 cubic yard and 20 cubic yard body variants with the Quantum XL.

Efficient Operation

Thanks to its unique packing mechanism, the Quantum XL is able to clear the hopper in only 15 to 18 seconds. That is up to 13 seconds faster than the industry standard. While 13 seconds may seem small, it adds up quickly over the course of a day, week, month, and year. Having a more efficient packer means you spend less per account on equipment costs, wages, and fuel burn.

More Legal Payload

The Quantum XL’s super-fast speed eliminates the need for the traditionally inefficient and heavy tailgate designs found in the industry. Instead, Curbtender Inc uses a 2.5 cubic yard hopper that is capable of processing 9.5 cubic yards of material per minute.

Increased efficiency directly translates to a reduction in body weight. The 20 YD Quantum XL weighs in at only 10,650 lbs. The Quantum XL’s lightweight design combined with up to 900 pounds per cubic yard compaction provides industry-leading legal payload capacity.

Robust Design

The Quantum is sold throughout the South Pacific, Latin America, and South America, as well as in some of America’s largest and most demanding cities. These customers keep coming back to the Quantum because of its great performance and incredible durability. Curbtender’s unique “chiseled body design” (or break form radius) provides excellent sidewall strength that outperforms smooth, curved radius designs. Meanwhile, the 7 Gauge Grade 50 hopper sidewalls and 3/16” AR400 hopper floor provide years of strength and abrasion resistance. Optional Hardox 450 hopper liners provide even more abrasion resistance to ensure a long and productive life.

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