Industry Data

Our industry-specific data consists of research and development that targets your consumer base. The audience and demographic information that we procure are vital for your business growth and development. Industry information allows you to understand your industry’s market and operating environment.


Informed Decisions

Our data can help you make informed decisions that can positively affect your company’s revenue goals and increase your industry market share.


Proprietary Data

EMP’s industry data is compiled and sorted using proprietary databases that include mobile equipment information and market-specific information.


Information Your Way

Our data funnels provide a straightforward, efficient way for you to obtain the information you need.


Industry Expertise

EMP’s industry expertise also includes the ability to identify buyers within your target market on a micro-level.


Segemented Markets

Increased market segmentation can offer valuable insights that help you connect with consumer wants and needs.



Better consumer engagement can equate to profit growth and market share gains.

Our Industries are Your Potential Customers

The industry-specific information and prospect counts we provide represent physical business locations that have a high deliverable mailing address. We focus on developing Key Decision Maker (KDM) contacts within these locations. Our methodology gives us a targeted path for increased success of marketing your equipment, products, and services via the EMP platform.



Our industries are categorized based on their business activities.



Our prospect lists include businesses that have physical locations, with a deliverable address.



We provide a simple way to pinpoint industry-specific prospects by state.

Request Industry Data

If you do not see your industry listed, let us know! We are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive platform for industry data analysis and market research.