Farm and agricultural applications require machinery and equipment that can withstand years of weathering and rugged use. High market crop demands require farmers to rely on agriculture equipment that provides dependable, faster, and more precise harvest yields.

Find new and used agriculture and farm equipment with Equipment Market Pros. Our experts offer the highest quality new and used industrial balers and compactors for your agriculture and farm application needs. We partner with the top compactor and baler manufacturers, including Wastequip, Marathon, K-PAC, Bakers, Galfab, and more, offering you the best selection of new and used farm and agriculture equipment in the industry.

Agriculture & Farm Equipment Options

At EMP, we provide high-performance solutions for your heavy-duty farm and agriculture equipment needs. We will work with you to locate a new or used compactor, baler, or replacement cylinder that will service your exact requirements. EMP provides the following farm and agriculture equipment options.

Industrial Agriculture Compactors

Farm and agricultural use compactors are often referred to as baler-wrapper compactors used to preserve and store forage. Agriculture compactors assist in eliminating feed silage oxygen by wrapping it airtight, allowing it to be stored without fear of spoilage. We offer several unique agriculture compactor options, including:

  • Precrusher
  • Self-contained
  • Apartment
  • Auger
  • Transfer station
  • Front/rear load vertical
  • Stationary
  • Vertical

Industrial Farm Balers

EMP’s farm baler machinery products can create bales quickly and efficiently with little to no downtime. Agriculture farm balers are simple to use, providing a reliable way to package recyclables and other materials into compact bales. We offer a variety of farm baler machinery options, including:

  • Manual-tie horizontal balers
  • Auto-tie horizontal balers
  • Conveyors
  • Vertical balers
  • Heavy-duty vertical balers
  • Two-ram balers
  • MRF systems

Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders for Agriculture Equipment & Machinery

EMP can help you select the right new or used replacement telescopic, welded rod, or hydraulic cylinder option for your agriculture and farm needs. We partner with top hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, including hydraulic cylinders, inc., Allegheny York, and more, offering you the best selection of hydraulic, telescopic, and welded rod cylinders in the industry. Replacement hydraulic cylinder options for farm machinery include:

  • Welded rod
  • Telescopic
  • Seals

Let EMP Help with Your Industrial Agriculture & Farm Equipment Needs

Whether you are searching for new or used industrial agriculture and farm machinery, EMP offers a variety of options to serve your needs. Contact us for more information regarding our specific industrial farm and agriculture equipment options or purchase new or used equipment today.