Heavy-duty maintenance equipment for governments, municipalities, and public works departments helps to keep roadways clean and safe. Whether it’s street sweepers, vacuum sweepers, mechanical sweepers, or snowplows, industrial maintenance equipment offers an effective solution to street and roadway preservation.

Find new and used industrial maintenance equipment with Equipment Market Pros. Our experts offer the highest quality new and used industrial snowplows and street, vacuum, and mechanical sweepers for your city or municipality maintenance needs.

We partner with the top street sweeper and snowplow manufacturers, including Elgin, Curbtender, and more, offering you the best selection of new and used maintenance equipment in the industry.

Maintenance Equipment Options

At EMP, we provide high-performance solutions for your heavy-duty maintenance equipment needs. We will work with you to locate new or used street sweepers, mechanical sweepers, vacuum sweepers, or snowplows that will service your exact requirements. EMP provides the following maintenance equipment options.

Industrial Maintenance Sweepers

With the best new and used industrial street sweeper options in the industry, EMP can help you find a road sweeper that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our sweeper options assist in keeping town, city, or municipality streets clean and free of debris. We offer several unique maintenance sweeper options, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Regenerative Air
  • Vacuum

Snowplows & Snow Removal Equipment

Following the spring, summer, and autumn season street cleanups, winter snow, and ice removal begins. Whether you’re looking for a snowplow or other types of winter maintenance industrial equipment, EMP offers several options to assist with winter weather cleanup, including:

  • Snowplows
  • Ice removal equipment
  • Salt spreaders

Industrial Maintenance Equipment for Municipalities, Cities, and Governments

At Emp, we work with all types of cities, towns, municipalities, and government bodies to get them the industrial maintenance equipment they need to keep their streets and roadways clean and free of debris. Whether you are searching for a street sweeper or snowplow, we have various options to meet your needs.

Let EMP Help with Your Industrial Maintenance Equipment Needs

Whether you are searching for new or used industrial maintenance equipment, EMP offers the right mix of industrial maintenance equipment to serve your needs. Contact us for more information regarding our specific industrial maintenance equipment or to purchase new or used machinery today.