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Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned manufacturer of recycling balers and waste compactors. They offer the most comprehensive range of solutions in the waste handling and recycling industry with a full range of equipment and services. Harmony’s vertical balers, horizontal balers, liquid extraction balers, indoor compactors, vertical compactors, stationary compactors, and self-contained compactors are designed specifically for each customer to save time and money while positively impacting the environment.

Baler, Compactor & Recycling Solution Options

Over 40 years ago, they saw the need for a better way to deal with the mounting problem of incineration of cardboard at supermarkets. It was this concern that led to the creation of their first cardboard baler. Since that time, Harmony Enterprises has developed over 40 balers, compactors, and liquid extraction equipment models. Harmony Enterprises manufactures a full range of vertical, horizontal, and liquid extraction balers for any industry. These long-lasting recycling balers make dense bales of OCC, aluminum, PET, plastics, paper, non-ferrous metals, shrink wrap, textiles, carpet, and more. Harmony Enterprise product options include:
  • Recycling cardboard balers
  • Vertical balers
  • Trash compactors
  • Baler and compactor accessories
  • Insite compactor monitoring

Why Choose Harmony Enterprises for Your Cardboard Baler & Trash Compactor Equipment Needs?

Harmony Enterprises, Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium cardboard recycling baler and compactor equipment for all industries that require advanced waste handling and recycling solutions. Harmony Enterprises’ patented cardboard balers and trash compactors deliver proven results for any industry.

Contact Equipment Market Pros for Harmony Enterprises Cardboard Balers, Trash Compactors & More

Equipment Market Pros is your source for premium Harmony Enterprises cardboard balers, vertical balers, and trash compactors for your recycling and waste removal needs. Contact us for heavy-duty Harmony Enterprises’ products today.