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New and Used Industrial Scale Systems for Sale

Industrial truck scales and on-board vehicle weighing systems provide a convenient and effective way to monitor load weights for a wide range of vehicles including trucks, trailers, semi trucks, dump trucks, refuse trucks, and vacuum trucks. Air weigh scales are designed to meet or exceed your vehicle’s unique specifications.

To learn more about our high-efficiency truck weigh scale options, get in touch with our sales associates. With the best new and used high-performance on-board truck scale options in the industry, EMP can help you find a truck air scale that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Air Weigh Scale Options

EMP can help you select the right new or used air weigh scale for your truck or trailer needs. We partner with top air scale manufacturers including BinMaxx, LoadMaxx, and more, offering you the best selection of truck air scales in the industry. Every on-board truck scale that EMP sells is in excellent condition, calibrated, and meets all standard safety requirements.

Straight Dump Truck Air Scales

Accurate and durable, on-board straight dump truck scales are perfect for any straight, dump, or work truck, from commercial side-loading refuse trucks to delivery vans to cement trucks. Straight truck air scales are extremely easy to use, save money, and reduce liability.

Semi Truck Scales

Whether you need to save time and money, maximize every load, or require data management, semi truck air weigh scales provide the advantages you need to get the most out of every load. Digital on-board scales are exclusively designed to avoid under or overloading and to increase fleet profitability.

Refuse Truck On-Board Weigh Scales

Designed for front end loader refuse trucks, BinMaxx air scales provide the features you need to get the most out of each load. Sensors are mounted to the arms of the vehicle making BinMaxx incredibly durable compared to fork mounted scale systems. BinMaxx increases profitability by providing individual commercial container content weigh, allowing you to easily identify non-profitable commercial accounts.

Vacuum Truck Air Weigh Scales

On-Board weigh scales for vacuum trucks are easy to use, cost-efficient, and provide enhanced driver safety features. With automatic shutoffs and warning weight alarms, truck air scales transform hydrovac and hydro excavation trucks into self-weighing vehicles that load to the legal limit every time.

Let Us Help You Get the Truck Air Scales You Need

Whether you are looking for a new or used on-board truck scale or have an air weigh scale to sell, let EMP help you with your truck scale needs. Contact us to list your truck air weigh scale or to purchase new or used equipment today.