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New and Used Industrial Roll-Off Equipment for Sale

Cable hoist and hook-lift operated roll-off equipment offer a convenient and effective way to deliver and collect large containers. Whether your business is construction, demolition, garbage hauling, or clean-up, cable hoist and hook-lift operated roll-off equipment provides the power and performance you need.

To learn more about our high-efficiency cable hoist and hook-lift roll-off container equipment for sale, get in touch with our sales associates. With the best new and used cable hoist and hook-loader roll-off equipment options in the industry, EMP can help you find a hook-hoist roll-off container that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Roll-Off Container Options

EMP can help you select the right new or used cable hoist or hook-loader roll-off container to support your project needs. We partner with top roll-off equipment manufacturers including Kenworth, Galfab, Galbreath, and more, offering you the best selection of truck roll-off equipment in the industry. Every hook-hoist roll-off container that EMP sells is in excellent condition, has been thoroughly checked, and is safe to use.

Cable Hoist Roll-Off Equipment

Cable hoist structured roll-off equipment utilize a winch and a cable to secure containers to the truck’s bed. To maximize its usability, cable hoist roll-offs are designed to carry both inside and outside rail containers. Cable hoist roll-off equipment are also designed to work with any truck chassis, suspension, exhaust system and fuel tank.


  • Can carry both inside and outside rail containers
  • Highly versatile
  • Optimal for heavy loads
  • Ideal for limited overhead clearance applications
  • Increases maneuverability

Hook-Loader Roll-Off Equipment

Hook-lift roll-off equipment are designed without truck-mounted winches and cables, providing increased accuracy in dropping containers in an exact position than cable hoist roll-off trucks. Hook hoists are also more suitable when maneuvering into and out of tight spaces. Additionally, since hook-loaders do not require nose rollers or rear wheels, hook-lift roll-off equipment utilize lift to position the containers onto the truck bed.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Convenient, ground-level loading and unloading
  • Highly safe
  • Quick and efficient

Buy or Sell Cable Hoist & Hook-Lift Roll-Off Equipment Today

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used cable hoist or hook-loader roll-off equipment, or have roll-off equipment to sell, let EMP help you with your equipment needs. Contact us to list your cable hoist and hook-loader roll-off equipment or to purchase new or used equipment today.