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New and Used Industrial Industrial Food Service Dumpers for Sale

Heavy-duty food bin dumpers provide a convenient and practical way to dispose of food waste without spillage or safety hazards. Food service dumpers are ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, or any facility that handles large quantities of food. Food processing dumpers are mobile or fixed and built with a fork pocket for convenient transportation.

Equipment Listings

Food Service Dumper Advantages

Heavy-duty food bin dumpers are manufactured with premium materials, engineering, and craftsmanship to provide the lifting power you need to manage food waste properly. Industrial food dumpers offer the following advantages:

  • Versatile design options
  • Deep dumping action prevents spillage
  • Safe operation
  • Heavy-duty industrial design

Food Processing Dumper Standard Features

EMP’s metal food bin dumpers provide several unique features that allow for years of continued use. Food service dumper standard features include:

  • Foodservice waste container compatible
  • Cycle times as low as 12 seconds
  • Self-lubricated composite bearings
  • Welded cylinders
  • Various power capacities

Food Processing Dumper Applications

Durable and robust food bin dumpers are ideal for heavy food can lifting applications, providing an efficient and effective way to dispose of food waste. Specific food service dumper applications include:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Cafeterias
  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Produce processing facilities


Commercial Food Bin Dumper Brand Options

EMP provides the most reliable industrial food dumper brands for your food waste reduction needs. Our food service dumper brand options include:

How to Choose an Industrial Food Service Dumper

Whether it’s sizing, space requirements, or food capacity standards, EMP provides food dumpers that meet or exceed your food waste needs. Consideration factors for choosing a commercial food dumper include:

  • Loading area dimensions
  • Discharge height
  • Ceiling height

Let Us Help You Get the New or Used Industrial Food Service Dumper You Need

Whether you need new or used equipment or have a food dumper to sell, let EMP help you with your commercial food bin dumper equipment needs. Contact us to list your food processing dumper or purchase new or used equipment today.