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New and Used Industrial Combination Sewer Cleaners for Sale

If you are in the market to purchase or are looking to sell your Vacall sewer truck you’ve come to the right place! With full jetting and cleanout capabilities, Vacall sewer cleaner trucks can unclog the most problematic sewer lines, while performing routine maintenance services. Whether you are looking for a new or used combination septic truck or are considering selling your vac truck, we have the options you need.

Equipment Listings

Sewer Cleaner Equipment Options

EMP can help you select the combination jetting and cleanout sewer vac truck that fits your sewer cleaning and maintenance needs. We partner with Vacall, the top sewer vacuum truck manufacturers in the business, offering you the best selection of new and used sewer sucker equipment in the industry.

Check back often for updated listings that include new and used industrial combination sewer vacuum truck equipment.

Vacall Jetting & Cleanout Vac Truck Features

  • Internal tank flush system
  • High pressure water pump
  • Rear door mounted sludge pump
  • 6” decant valve
  • HydroExcavation package
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Cold weather recirculation system
  • Piranha sewer cleaning hose
  • Digital footage counter

P-Series Sewer Cleaner

Vacall’s P-Series combination sewer cleaner utilizes a high-performance positive displacement blower system for enhanced reliability. Debris tank capacities range from six to 12 cubic yards while water tanks can have 1,000, 1,200 or 1,500-gallon capacities. The 8-foot, 6-inch extending boom is capable of a 180-degree rotation. The front-mounted pivoting hose and reel allow the operator to remove debris and unclog sewer lines with ease.

R-Series Sewer Truck

Providing a debris tank capacity range of 6 to 12 cubic yards and 1,000, 1,200 or 1,500-gallon water tank capacity options, Vacall’s R-Series septic truck features the hose and reel assembly at the rear of the truck, allowing for less noise within the cab. The truck’s positive displacement blower design is efficiently controlled by the standard AllSmartFlow CAN bus system.

Recycler Septic Truck

The recycler combination sewer cleaner allows an operator to continuously work throughout the day without hindrance or use of city water. By recycling the water from the sewer system throughout the day, there is no work stoppage due to water refilling. This truck works faster and cleans more sewer lines, while conserving water consumption.

High Dump Sewer Vacuum Truck

The high dump option allows the operator to raise the hydraulically operated debris tank as much as 76 inches above ground level, and then shift it 21 inches to the back. The high dump system enables an operator to dump material into dewatering or rolloff containers, helping to avoid spills or the need for dangerous ramps.

Combination Sewer Vacuum Truck Applications

Municipalities and businesses purchase combination sewer vac trucks to perform multiple functions. Some of the most common and uncommon uses of a sewer cleaner truck include:

  • Cleaning, maintaining, and unclogging sewer pipes
  • Emptying septic tanks
  • Hydro excavation
  • Cleaning up hazardous environmental spills
  • Emergency rescues

Let Us Help You Get the Combination Septic Truck You Need

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used combination sewer vacuum truck or have a jetting sewer sucker truck to sell, let EMP help you with your sewer cleaner needs. Contact us to list your sewer cleanout truck or to purchase new or used equipment today.